Eden Grave Care

Grave care visits

    Each visit includes the following general maintenance:

  • Overall assessment of plot condition.

  • Trimming of grass around headstone and edge of plot.

  • Removal of weeds.

  • Removal of all debris (old flowers, plants and  other  litter).

  • Washing of memorial pots and liners.

  • Cleaning of the headstone or memorial to remove any surface  dirt, bird droppings and surface algae

  • Pruning of any heathers, shrubs, small trees or other plants  infringing on plot.

  • Washing of any decorative glass chippings, stones or gravel if  required.

  • A before and after photograph via email or post.

                       Additional Services



                                                                        Freshly cut flowers

You may wish to ensure that the grave is looking its best with the addition of a choice of freshly cut flowers which our specialist carer will deliver to your loved one’s final resting place at any of your chosen tendings. The cost of this service starts  at just £17 for each placement (including the  cost of the flowers). A range of bouquets and prices are available which we will be happy to send you details of at the appropriate time.

                                                           Planting of seasonal bulbs or plants

  Our specialist grave carer will plant out the grave with seasonal bedding plants or bulbs at any of your chosen tendings for an additional cost of £25 per planting (including the cost of bulbs and/or  plants). If you would like this service the cost can be added as a one off fee or spread over your monthly payments at £2.50 per month (Season, Season Plus and Monthly Care Plans).

                                                                          Memorial items

We can source a range of memorial items such as vases etc which we will be happy to discuss with you and arrange should you require.

                                                                          Special Dates

You can choose to have your tendings carried out around  special dates of your choice, maybe a birthday or  anniversary.

                                                         Memorial Repairs and Grave vases

If it becomes apparent that the memorial or kerb edging  requires some repairs and/or additional maintenance, we  will provide you with detailed photographs and a written  report. We can also provide you with a ‘no obligation’  quotation on any work that needs completing at  subsequent visits, including the replacement of old or ‘lost’ grave vases, the renewal of stone/pebble/slate chippings, or any turfing or top soil work.

A specialist monumental mason would carry out any repairs that may be necessary to the memorial or the inscription.